has emerged onto the Gospel music scene being a powerfully anointed inspiration to those who experience her music.  As she reflects on this she admits that the manner in which her music has been received has showered her with more blessings than she could have ever have anticipated. Now at the brink of so many great things coming her way, she shares her journey to this beautiful turning point in her career. All stories have a beginning. The irony of this story is that it begins where it ends, with God and the church. After all both had always been in the heart of Tiovanni.

A native of Richmond, VA, Nicole Tiovanni Hardy (formally known as Niqqi Worldwide) was born into a household with music echoing through the halls. Her father is a jazz musician and her mother sings in their church choir.  When Tiovanni was young her mom directed the children's choir and Tiovanni became a member at the age of 5. As she grew older and her voice matured, her church family realized that she was blessed with a gift that made the Gospel music she sang reach out and touch the soul. In time Tiovanni began accompanying the Senior Choir, even singing lead at many of their engagements.

During her time as a secular artist, Tiovanni realized the importance of philanthropic outreach and spent her time dedicating her talents to support causes such as HIV/AIDS Awareness and Women’s and Children’s Rights. She performed at the Women’s Collective Gala, an event held at the Carnegie Library in Washington D.C. during the XIX International AIDS Conference. She also served as the Mistress of Ceremonies at the Youth Score AIDS Rally alongside Kathleen Sibilius, the US Secretary of Health. This event’s primary focus was to raise awareness about the AIDS epidemic and the vulnerability of youth in the communities. As an advocate of shedding light and awareness on the horrors of child abuse, Tiovanni worked with Stop the Silence – Stop Child Sexual Abuse Organization to support their mission of stopping child sexual abuse. She has spoken to young audiences all over the country about the importance of HIV testing and being vigilant about protecting themselves. 

Despite her advocacy and mentoring, Tiovanni felt she wasn’t truly fulfilling her purpose in life.  She decided to commit herself to spreading The Gospel through her ministry of music.  Tiovanni submitted to God “reinventing” her and her career. In November 2014, the person who was once “Niqqi Worldwide” became Tiovanni Lewis; “Tiovanni” being her given middle name and “Lewis” being her married last name. Recently she was crowned “Mrs. Gospel International 2015” at this year’s pageant in Florida.



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